How I Would Invest $1000 in Cryptocurrency in 2020 | What is Best Cryptocurrency to Buy in 2020

All right welcome back everybody, my name's austin. There is a reason we are seeing. Massive amounts of money start to flow back into cryptocurrency. There's, a reason that within the last six months, but especially especially since the march coveted crash of 2020, that we have seen bitcoin outperform both the s p and the nasdaq and really bitcoin and gold are really performing well in 2020.

And there is a reason that certain altcoins are priming themselves right now to potentially do very, very well in the next one to three years hit the like button, because in today's video. I want to share with you my strategy.

If i was coming into cryptocurrency for the first time today how i would invest 1 000 today, i am not a registered financial advisor. Investing any amount into cryptocurrency comes with risk. Today, i'm, just sharing what works for me, but my strategy may surprise you so watch the full video.

If you want the full context. Okay, let's. Jump in if i had a thousand bucks, was new to cryptocurrency the first 500 to 700. Of that 1 000 immediately would go right into bitcoin, hey, it may not be the fastest, but it is the most censorship resistant.

It is the most decentralized and ask yourself why why, in the last six months, specifically in 2020, have we seen tech billionaires macro investors, some of the most respected hedge fund managers come out in support of bitcoin as a hedge? What do they know that we don't? Well, one thing that we do know is that these investors have made their career by spotting trends spotting and investing in trends.

So there's, something here with bitcoin, but why does bitcoin have value? For the first time in human history we have what's known as digital scarcity. Bitcoin is a non-sovereign, hard capped, supply, global immutable, decentralized, digital store of value.

No single government controls it. The network has a global distribution and nobody can print more of it. There will only ever be 21 million bitcoin ever ever. So if i have an extra 10 in my pocket that i'm willing to risk.

This is why the first five to seven immediately into bitcoin, especially since the usd the dollars sitting in my bank account, are only getting less valuable. The longer they sit there. The fed has made it very clear: they will keep inflating the price, keep printing money.

Okay, so we've taken care of five to 700. You know let's, just call it 600 for ease. Now we can have a little fun. How would i invest the remaining 400 if i were new coming into cryptocurrency today and keep in mind that for me, because there's, two of us on this channel for me austin, i am a long-term hodler right.

I'm, not a day trader, so i would invest in altcoins, knowing despite how the stock market is doing great right now. The macro economic fundamentals say otherwise the wealth gap in this country, the us is growing.

The unemployment rate right now is somewhere between great depression levels and 2008 housing crisis levels right now where we are today and the numbers that we're. Seeing the eviction crisis, for example, an unprecedented eviction crisis will soon hit the u.

s based on the federally backed mortgages for the tenants who receive government-assisted housing are about to expire. These are just some of the metrics. Here. Are the households per state who will be unable to pay rent or a risk of eviction at the end of this month? Now i share this information with you just so.

You can understand my mindset because altcoins, yes, they have potential incredible reward, but also given the macroeconomic landscape right now. Incredible risk just understand this. So let's. Do it four hundred dollars left, so the next 200 immediately goes right into ethereum.

Ethereum launched in 2015 is like bitcoin and the fact that it's open sourced it's, a blockchain. It's a software platform, but while bitcoin is fulfilling the use case of money, ethereum allows smart contracts and decentralized applications dapps to be built on top of it.

If there's, any question in your mind why we're, seeing so much money flow into quote: unquote, defy cryptocurrencies like ethereum watch this video type it into youtube right now. I was wrong about defy cryptocurrency because, while bitcoin allows you to be, your own bank defy allows you to have your own banking type services like lending borrowing, and if you're asking does ethereum have value.

The answer is: yes: it's, not the same value that bitcoin has, but the value is that you can build these marketplaces. These stable coins, these lending platforms, these tokens without permission, without needing to rely on any third party.

Ethereum comes in for 200 by the way, if you agree, if you disagree, let me know what you think: there will probably be a lot of newer people coming into cryptocurrency watching this video. So if you & # 39, ve, been in the space for a few years, comment your thoughts below okay, i've spent 600 and 200 with 200 remaining.

Let's. Just go down the list. Would i put any money into the sort of bitcoin competitors, the litecoins, the bitcoin cashes, the nanos? Even the xrp's for me personally, i would avoid them for me, because i don't fundamentally believe in them.

Doesn't mean i don't own, a bag of litecoin from back in the day, but if i was investing into cryptocurrency today for the first time the value proposition of these altcoins may be that they're faster And cheaper, but they are more centralized, meaning that they are less censorship resistant.

We have one shot of separating money from the state. Having said that, doesn't mean that you can't make money. If we look at litecoin stellar doge, we can even add xrp in there over the years. They are oscillators, meaning that generally, when bitcoin pumps they pump when bitcoin dips they dip.

So you do you, i'mma. Do me with my final two hundred dollars, i would focus on defy because the narrative right now the hype which coins we're, seeing the most money flow into are defy so with defy. You can either pick the coins built on the platforms or you can pick some platform coins themselves.

Ethereum right now has a head start. We're, seeing the developers flow to ethereum and usually we see the money flow to where the developers flow and until ethereum scales we're, seeing the cardanos, the tezoses, the other platform coins try and take market share.

Do i wish i had unlimited money to invest in everything, for example, supply chain management, cryptocurrencies yeah there's, something there vechain's, doing very well in 2020 gaming coins doing very well since 2019, and, generally speaking, i'M sure they do, i'm sure they'll do fine, but me what really excites me are platform coins and coins that fit this defy narrative, for example, coins that have already shown strength this year.

Compound compound is a lending coin. It's, an open sourced market protocol on ethereum that lets users lend or borrow assets against collateral. Other coins like synthetics and kyber, showing a lot of strength in 2020.

Synthetics is a decentralized platform on ethereum for the creation of synths on-chain synthetic assets that track the value of real-world assets. We've, been talking about this one also kyber network, a permissionless cross-chain atomic swap protocol enabling trading of tokens across different chains.

We talked about synthetics and actually tezos and cardano right here, link down below. We talked about cosmos, the altcoin right here, link down below. We talked about kyber network right here, link to this video down below.

So where would i position my final two hundred dollars? Well, i would take out a position on defy protocols that we're, seeing people use because in a project, if we're, seeing volume trend up partnerships trend up development trend up money often follows: if you disagree, let me know now Those are all sort of mid caps over the next few weeks.

I want to put a few more coins on your radar that are potential low cap gems coins just to put on your radar expect that video within the next few weeks, but generally starting my cryptocurrency journey.

If i was today that five to seven hundred dollars per thousand, i would slowly try and accumulate one bitcoin. That would be my first goal, that's. Why the majority of the money goes into bitcoin. It'd, be nice to have 32 ethereum, because then that is the number they say you could potentially stake.

Let me know what you think by the way there's, two people on this channel, so i'm. Just speaking for me, but like always see you tomorrow, hey and one more thing, if you're ever wondering where is the best place to buy bitcoin or buy cryptocurrency, i cannot speak for the best, but i can speak to just what i use.

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So just wanted to sort of put these back on your radar, but uh see it was a cultural reset. It was a cultural reset.