From $318K to $0: Bitcoin price predictions for 2021

What will be the price of bitcoin in one year from now? What about in 10 20 years guessing the future price of bitcoin is like looking into a crystal ball? Its high volatility makes bitcoin one of the world's most unpredictable assets.

Bitcoin is very volatile, so this is so loud still. A nearly unlimited upside potential is what keeps people speculating on bitcoin's future highs. Some of these predictions are based on research and data analysis.

Others are mantras that hodlers keep repeating to strengthen the collective belief in the asset. Let's, have a look at the most popular bitcoin price predictions around. This is plan b's stock to flow model.

It says the value of bitcoin will increase over time, thanks to its decreasing supply rate, which is cut in half every four years. The supply, of course, is fixed and then it gets halved. And after that, halving there's.

A non-linear dynamic that sharply increases this shortage and it's like a wave that's hitting the beach it gets higher and higher and higher. If plan b is correct, we should expect bitcoin to hit 288 000 by the end of 2021.

. One of the strongest supporters of the stock to flow is dan moorhead, ceo at crypto hedge fund pantera capital. He is convinced that bitcoin should reach the 115 000 benchmark by next august. The biggest news is paypal.

They just brought the ability to buy crypto to three times as many people as havoc that's. A demand shift that just jacks up the demand curve, because there's, just a lot more people that can buy it. Anthony pompliano co-founder at morgan, creek digital is looking at similar targets.

He predicted bitcoin will reach a hundred thousand dollars in 2021.. According to pompliano, only a relatively small portion of bitcoin supply is actually available for buying and selling. That would make the asset even more scarce and valuable if all of a sudden, only about 8 million bitcoin are available, and all this new demand is showing up.

You're gonna have a pretty aggressive price increase and yet no matter how much bitcoin goes up, there will be always naysayers predicting its imminent collapse for nouriel, roubini and peter schiff. Bitcoin is a speculative bubble that will lead most investors to financial rune.

The price of bitcoin is totally manipulated by a bunch of people by a bunch of whales. Doesn't have any fundamental value. It doesn't matter that the price has gone up. Eventually, the supply of fools runs out and the greatest fool ends up as the bag holder.

It's, true bitcoin happens to crash and when it does it's, usually a pretty bad crash. Still looking at bitcoin's past the main cryptocurrency came back stronger after each downfall. In fact, bitcoin's.

History can be seen as a succession of bull and bear market cycles, so the question is: where are we right now? According to unconfirmed reports, wall street giant citibank predicts that bitcoin is currently in the middle of a bull run, which could peak at 318 000 dollars by december 2021.

. Scott minerd cio at financial services, firm guggenheim, is more bearish in the short term. He said that the current price levels of bitcoin are unsustainable and the price will retrace all the way to twenty thousand dollars by the end of 2021.

. Who cares about 2021? We're going to the moon, the moon, but that's. So far away it's, taking so much time to get there. So what we get there when we get there, are you coming well? Actually, i should finish the video first suit yourself.

So what is bitcoin's? End game: despite his short-term bearish prediction, guggenheim's. Cio scott miner thinks that bitcoin could eventually establish itself as digital gold, more scarce and easily transportable than gold itself.

At that point, the main cryptocurrency will be worth from four hundred thousand dollars to six hundred thousand dollars. Four hundred thousand dollars is also the long-term price target of frank holmes, ceo and chief investment officer of us global investors.

However, he sees bitcoin becoming as a rare collectible like a piece of art. It's, going to be like having an original andy warhol uh, one of those prints. It is a piece of art, it's. Amazing welcome brother brother, but there is one prediction that trumps them all: that bitcoin will become something even beyond digital gold or artworks, something the world hasn't seen in a thousand years.

You heard it here. First bitcoin is going to zero zero when it comes out zero. No, no, no play the other one, the other one. What would be like if you own ten percent of all the electricity that was ever gonna be pumped or what, if you could buy? One percent of all the running water that's ever going to be pumped.

This is our once in a thousand year opportunity, michael saylor, the ceo of microstrategy, thinks that bitcoin will take over most safe haven assets and become the world's ultimate store value by then he said it will be worth over 14 million dollars.

In theory, all monetary energy, that's simply looking for a store of value, safe haven index, should presumably drain out of real estate cash stocks and bonds into the bitcoin network. Let's, not get too ahead of ourselves, though.

Ultimately, the future price of bitcoin will depend on many factors like global economic conditions, government regulations and mainstream adoption. One thing is for sure, though, wherever the price of bitcoin is headed, it's, going to be one hell of a ride.